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3 Reels to Create for the Holidays

Creating Reels is a great way to grow your social media presence! Don't be intimidated! Creating Reels doesn't have to be complicated. Check out three simple and fun reels to try this Holiday season.

1. End Of Year Recap- For this reel, you already have all the content you need! No need to make more videos. Use videos and photos from your year of closings, open houses, personal victories/family, or any other significant event. Pair with the suggested trending audio below and you might just GO VIRAL!

2. Holiday Decor- Take a walk through your home and feature the fun holiday decor that you've spent hours and hours on. Pair with one of the following audios.

3. Silly Christmas Voiceover- Use a trending silly audio and do your best lip sync! Have some fun with it! Check out the example below.

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