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Are You Missing Out on Potential Leads?!

Let's talk about email marketing. Forbes still says that email marketing is the most effective form of marketing. I know, I know... but YOU never read your emails :) Has it occurred to you that your marketing email can still be effective even if your customer doesn't open the email?! Simply seeing your name in their inbox helps to build MIND SHARE!

Check out these email marketing tips and tricks to spice up your next email.

1. Catchy Subject Lines!

--- When writing your subject line, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't always have to be a complete picture of what is in the email. The cheesier the better! Puns and emojis are your friend. Here are some ideas for a May email subject line:

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers 🌻

It's Gonna Be MAY- Nsync circa 2000 🎵

🚀 May the Fourth Be With You

Who's Ready for Cinco de Mayo?! 🌮

You're Not Going to Want to Miss This...

2. Have Valuable and INTERESTING Content

--- Not that I'm saying Real Estate isn't an interesting subject, HOWEVER, if the average person only wants to buy or sell a home every seven years, then maybe put information that's relevant at all stages. Try some of these general content ideas:

Local Events

New Restaurants to Try

Book Recommendations

Seasonal Local Activities


Decor Ideas

DIY projects

Podcast Recommendations

Show/Movie Recommendations

3. Be Authentic

--- You don't want your audience to think that your email is coming from an automated system or a marketing assistant/company.... even if it is. Whether you're writing the content or someone is writing it for you, here are some ways to come across authentic and personal in your emails:

Include a section in relation to a hobby of yours

Give Family/Life updates (kids graduating, buying your own home, winning an award, etc.)

Featuring pictures of you at the featured local business/restaurant

Write a heartfelt couple of sentences as an intro to your email

Video!!!! WE LOVE VIDEOS- do a video intro that is at the beginning or end of every email

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