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AUTHENTICITY on Your Social Media Platforms

Authentic- "of undisputed origin; genuine."

When posting on social media AS A BUSINESS OWNER, it can be difficult to understand the balance between being personal and relatable while also maintaining a bit of privacy and professionalism. Because social media is SOCIAL, there HAS to be an element to your social media marketing that is personal or else it won't have great results.

Here are a few things to remember when trying to keep your social media marketing authentic:

  1. People go to your social media pages to see IF THEY LIKE YOU. Social media isn't about building a professional resume, it's about building social cred and connection. If all your posts are your listings or market stats, you might be building credibility in the field, but you are MISSING social connection. People go to your website for resources and credibility. They go to your social media profiles to see if they will connect with you socially. Keep this in mind the next time you want to post about your favorite local activities, restaurants, hobbies, and even your families. People like, relate, and are influenced by people that often share their same interests! Don't be afraid to skip the industry-specific post for one that shows more of your personality and values.

  2. BE IN THE PHOTOS YOU ARE POSTING! You don't have to be in EVERY photo, but you need to appear in a good percentage of them (25%+). One way to accomplish this without worrying about how you look or feeling conceded is to schedule a content shoot. Take an hour and have someone take several "candid" photos of you- pro tip- have a couple of outfit changes. Within the hour, you could take 200+ photos that you can sprinkle into your scheduled social media posts that will help your face remain in your feed. If you look at the engagement differences in your listing posts vs. photos of people you'll see a HUGE gap. People are on social media to connect so you need to give them someone to connect to! Hopefully that someone is YOU or your other customers! If you need help taking content photos for your social platforms, contact Thrive. We would love to assist you.

  3. Comment, message, like, and share others' posts! Don't just go on social media when posting. Take time to comment and engage with others' posts, stories, and reels. It helps you to remain top of mind with your sphere.

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