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Fall in Love with these Trending Reels

Here are some reel ideas to help you boost your brand this week! Hurry and use these audios before they are no longer trending! To make sure the audios are still trending, look for the upward arrow next to the name of the audio.

  1. Choose a Real Estate (or other industry) myth and then "hit" the camera to transition or fist pump/hit where the text will be placed to transition to the industry truth. Save this audio and look at how other industries have applied this trend to their brand for more ideas. Remember, keep it simple!

In my opinion, it is simpler to do one video, leaving a space beside you for the text, then hit/fist bump/swipe. If you do one video like this, you're looking at less editing. The only editing you'll have to do is add two different text boxes. Make sure to edit the timing of the text for the "myth" text box to end before the start of the "truth" text box.

2. The "Me on My Way to..." Reel

This one is simple! Take videos of multiple angles of you walking dramatically off to do something and have the same text box across the videos.

Some examples of Real Estate "Me on My Way tos"--

"Me on my way to tell my buyer we won over multiple offers"

"Me on my way to help stage my new listing"

"Me on my way to put my sign in the yard at my new listing"

"Me on my way to my 100th showing of the day"

3. Typing Audio

This one can be done with your dog/cat or a video of you! Ideas for text for Real Estate-

"Me writing my fifth contract for my buyer in this crazy competitive market"

"With how crazy this market has been, I've had to hire my first assistant... seems like they are slacking" (dog/cat posed typing"

"Me contacting my customers to tell them they are one of thirty offers" (look sad)

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