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Fall Pop By Ideas

Looking for an excuse to pop by your client's house and have a chat? Check out these fun Fall pop bys to consider.

Local Pumpkin Flavored Dessert or Beverage

Pair with a tag that says something like:

"We've got PUMPKIN to talk about- your home's value in this market!"

"Pumpkin Spice and Real Estate advice"

Coffee drink- "Love you a Latté"

Local Pumpkin Brew- "Wishing you a Hoppy Fall"

Pumpkin Donut- "Donut know what I would do without you"

Football Schedule for local team

No catchy saying needed! Create a branded football schedule on Canva and send out to your customers or deliver in person. Bonus points if you print them as a magnet.

Pumpkin Carving Kit

Deliver a pumpkin carving kit paired with a tag that reads:

"I will always carve out time for your referrals."

S'mores Kit

Create in a mason jar with all the components that it takes to make a S'more and pair with a tag that reads:

"I could use S'more customers like you!"

Pie- bonus points for featuring a local bakery! If you deliver the week before Thanksgiving, be sure to pair it with a handwritten note of gratitude!

Fall Scented Candle-

"Your Referrals are the Light of my business."

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