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Hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. Hiring a Marketing Company

In this virtual, post-covid world, I've been hearing that more and more companies and independent contractors are hiring Virtual Assistants to help them with their administrative and marketing needs. Though I think that Virtual Assistants can be AMAZING and help a business gain traction through leveraging, I do believe that companies and individuals need to be cautious and not confuse the tasks of a Virtual Assistant with a Marketing Company.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Great for implementing systems already in place

  • Great for gathering data

  • Data entry

  • Oftentimes inexpensive

  • Consistency

Potential cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Most likely lives/works in a different timezone

  • Might not understand current marketing trends for the industry

  • Will need to be trained like a new hire

  • You might have to try a few before finding the right fit

  • Oftentimes is difficult to get in touch with

Benefits of hiring Thrive, a Marketing and Branding Company:

  • Creates systems in your branding and marketing as well as implementing them

  • Trained in the latest marketing systems and trends

  • Values relationship with clients in order to market in their voice while adding their creativity

  • Offers marketing and operations expertise to show where your marketing might be lacking

  • Values consistent communication & accessibility

  • Will meet you in person, zoom, or call

Cons? Well, it potentially is a larger investment but you're receiving more VALUE.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to grow your business.

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