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Instagram Algorithm 2022

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

What you can expect from Instagram's algorithm in 2022!

Instagram's ever changing algorithm is the bane of all user's existence. Instead of opening Instagram to see your friend's puppy they posted 5 minutes ago you are greeted with a post from 10 hours ago. This is because in 2016 Instagram changed their algorithm, from chronological order to be based on how you interact with your followers and those you follow.

Let us break it down for you! In 2022 here are a few key factors to posting.

  1. About the Post: How much interaction does this post have? Is the post a video or a photo? When was it posted?

  2. About the Poster: Do you follow each other? Do you interact with their content? Are they active?

  3. About YOU (currently): How active are you? What are you viewing? Videos or photos? What types of content are you engaging in.

  4. About YOU (history): Do you usually like/comment/share their post?

Based on these facts and many more like the time you spend on the post, how likely you are to like/comment/share/save the post, and how likely you are to click on the profile. Instagram will calculate the likelihood of you interacting with the post. One of the best/easiest ways to navigate what content gets the most interaction is to use your insights. Instagram insights are like analytics, you will only receive them when you have an Instagram Business or Creator account. The insights help you gauge what people are liking, commenting, or sharing of your content. If there's one thing to take away is to always remember to create and post content your community will interact with!!

We will be consistently posting updates as the algorithm changes throughout the year! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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