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Marketing Your Next Listing

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Have you noticed the market shifting?! Listings are beginning to sit longer on the market which is making your sellers WIGGY! What you might have been doing three months ago to market your customers' listings might not be cutting it in this new market. Check out these tips for marketing your next listing.

Click below to download the printable checklist.

Marketing Your Listing Checklist
Download PDF • 1.98MB

1st things 1st...

Pricing/Signage/Professional photos & video

The most important marketing piece for your listing is THE PRICE. No matter what you do to market the property, if the price is too high, you'll have a difficult time selling it. Make sure your customers understand that overpricing the property out of the gate WILL cost them. Whether a property is under or overpriced, the current market conditions WILL correct it. If it's underpriced, you'll receive multiple offers quickly and possibly some that are over the list price. If it is overpriced, it will sit and lose value simply in the perception of the property sitting on the market for "too long."

Don't be the agent that doesn't spring for professional photos... IT IS A BIG MISTAKE! It shows other realtors that you might not be taking this listing seriously and it shows the friends/family of the customer that you aren't willing to do the minimum for your customers. Most likely the buyer of your customers' property will see the photos before they see the home in person. Don't let their first impression of the listing be an iPhone photo.

Spring for the video! With all of the out-of-state buyers possibly buying in Florida, make sure you spring for the gorgeous listing video because it will help out-of-town buyers more effectively place themself in the area and understand all the home has to offer. Videos also make for GREAT content on social media, website platforms, etc.

Print marketing materials- flyers, brochures, postcards

Flyers and brochures are more about perception than actually selling the property. Highly involved sellers will appreciate the effort that you have gone to, creating a beautiful marketing piece that they can hold in their hands.

Let's talk postcards! Postcards are more valuable than EVER in a post- covid shutdown world. People are checking their mail more than pre-covid as many are now working permanently from home or have gotten in the habit of daily checking to see what's in their mailbox. With the craziness of the market, nosy neighbor syndrome is also SO real! I highly suggest sending a Just Listed and/or Just Sold postcard for every listing.

Postcard companies/services recommended:

<500 cards- KW Command- don't need a contact list, can draw a radius

>500 cards- Corefact- need a contact list in excel format

>1000 cards- EDDM- select mailing routes- no direct control on specific addresses on mailing routes

Email Marketing

Send an email blast to active agents in the area as well as your sphere! Make sure when sending to agents that you have the area or neighborhood of the listing IN THE SUBJECT LINE! I typically use Mailchimp for sending email blasts.

Open Houses & Social Media Marketing

See the printout for specific step-by-step instructions!

No Bites....?

Contact agents who have sold similar properties to see if they have potential buyers- AKA Reverse Prospecting.

Run a Facebook Ad to out of town buyers- look up feeder markets to the area and target those areas.

Look at current feeder markets and contact real estate offices in those cities for agent rosters to send an email blast or ask office to post on their internal Facebook group.

Contact us today if you are needing assistance in creating any of these marketing materials!

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