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Summer Reel Trends

If you're looking to grow your social media following or engage with your current followers more, check out these Instagram (and now also on FACEBOOK!) Reel ideas that are trending.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean Trend- Use this audio and show off your best Johnny Depp impression as you "run" to go "prep a listing," "right an offer," or "show your 100th listing to your buyers." Pick something in your industry to "run to" and make three clips of you running with different backgrounds. Save this audio and use ASAP! It's still under 10k which means it will only be growing!

2. What your customers think being a realtor looks like vs. what it actually is like..... Check out this trend where you show something "peaceful" about your career vs. what it's actually like... aka crazy. For realtors, you could do a video of you writing one offer and getting an email of acceptance and then you frantically writing an offer as soon as a property comes on the market with the note "10th offer written today." Make sure you time the transition from the first video to the second when the beat drops! Check out this example and save the audio.

3. This is the easiest one!! Save this audio and put it with one or multiple videos of a beautiful home, the beach, morning coffee view, etc.

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