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The Secret to Creating Raving Fans

YES! We have cracked the code!

As a small business, referrals are EVERYTHING! In order to create repeat business and a sphere that is continuously sending you referrals, you have to create raving fans. Raving fans are customers who CAN'T HELP but sing your praises to all of their friends and family.

We've found that the underlying secret to creating Raving Fans, other than providing great service for your customers, is to make yourself INDISPENSABLE! Depending on your industry or the service that you provide, you might have a short window to make a lasting impression on your customers. For example, for Realtors, your customers are really only looking to make a move every seven years or so. Who's to say they will remember you seven years down the road?!

Yes, consistent communication and email drip campaigns can help you to build mind-share and have your brand be recognized. Your goal for your marketing and service should be GREATER than just being recognized if you're wanting to create raving fans. You want to make an IMPACT. You want to be VALUED by your customers to the point that they can't help but refer you to all of their friends and family. When you make yourself INDISPENSABLE to your customers, you then become IRREPLACABLE.

So that leads us to how one becomes indispensable...

The answer varies based upon your industry, however, a general answer is to go above and beyond meeting just their immediate needs. For example, if you are a Realtor and your customer is moving from out of state, don't just meet the need of finding them a home. Maybe they are looking for a new church group, a sports program for their kids, or a new date night restaurant. By meeting this additional need, they now see you as a resource for more than just finding their home. This makes a deeper IMPACT or impression. When you are able to meet an "internal" need for your customer, it helps to create a deeper reliance on you that will make them more likely to refer you to others.

The best way to meet this "internal" needs of your customers is on an individual or personal level. However, you can systemitize certain "touches" that are more general which can help to create this same effect. For example, creating a relocation guide with more than just real estate information but LIFE information for those moving from out of state. Another would be having a list of trusted service industry professionals to refer to AFTER they move into their home.

To use a different industry as an example, I'll share a recent example with you of how Thrive has tried to practice this same value. We have helped clients make value pieces that go out to their sphere. Just today we were working on helping promote a client event for one of our clients and realized that they might need guidance on finding live music. Rather than just doing what was asked of me- creating the informational post- when I noticed they hadn't found live music yet, I then offered up information to a live musician I knew might be available to fill the need. Rather than doing only what's asked of us in our industry, we become indispensable when we see potential ways of helping and filling those needs.

Contact Thrive today to learn how we can help you to create these systematic "touches" to your customers that can help you to create Raving Fans.

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