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The Work You do Today = Your Business 90 Days From Now

What if I told you today is ACTUALLY June 8th 2023?! The work that you do today affects your business 90 days from now. So how is that business looking in 90 days? If you're looking to keep your business more consistent and less up and down, then your marketing needs to also be consistent.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your marketing consistent so that you can ensure your business 90 days from now will be growing.

  1. Set it & Forget it Email Campaigns

Email is still the best form of marketing with the highest return on investment. Even just seeing the name of a company in your inbox, helps to create awareness and build "mind share" with clients. There are several ways to set up campaigns that will passively run while you continue to serve your clients. Though most of these offer generic or generalized content- an email is still an email. If this is the best for your budget, make sure you find an email program and start it ASAP.

We recommend leveraging your emails to Thrive or to a marketing professional that will be able to curate custom, targeted content to your specific audience. In order to create the most engagement with your marketing content, we take extra time to interview our clients so that we are marketing to their clients with THEIR voice. The beauty of our email campaigns is that you get the "set it and forget it" convenience, with highly personalized content.

2. Timeblock time each week to engage and post on social media

Social media can be a HUGE time suck. It's best to time block 15 minutes each day or every other day to interact (comment, like, post) on your social media accounts. This will help you to stay top of mind and potentially connect with your clients in a way that is more memorable or appreciated than a call or email.

3. Have a call/text schedule

In order to remain consistent in your marketing and touches to clients, have a call/text schedule in which you are reaching out to a set number of people in your database a week. The call or text doesn't have to be industry specific. It could be a check-in, value offer, or a seasonal greeting.

If you are looking to leverage your marketing plan to Thrive, check out our suggested monthly marketing plan here. Contact us today for more information.

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