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What does Barbie have to do with my marketing?

Regardless of whether or not you're a Barbie fan… it's hard to deny the effect this new movie has had on social media sites and even in small local businesses that have hopped in the Barbie pink convertible. I think this brings up a great lesson of how certain pop culture themes can be used as a jumping-off point in fun marketing campaigns.

Since the Barbie movie came out, I have personally seen references to Barbie used in marketing SEVERAL different businesses. A brewery that we went to had a Barbie-themed brew and merch sale. The gym that I normally attend even did a Barbie-themed playlist. If you haven't noticed, social media has also looked a little more pink lately and reels with the Barbie soundtrack have been exploding.

When businesses use a pop culture reference or tie a marketing campaign to something that might seem totally unrelated to their industry (barbie and beer... what?!) it can help to connect to younger generations or reach a possible demographic they were previously missing. You might think that then it leaves others out... like non"barbie" fans, but if anything I've noticed it causing those folks to ask more questions and peak their interest into "why this barbie thing is such a big deal?" Either way, as a business you win because you are increasing engagement and connection.

THE POINT: Don't be afraid to incorporate a little "pink" into your marketing campaigns this week. Use a reel with a barbie soundtrack song or do a "Barbie Dream House" series featuring luxury homes in your area. HAVE FUN!

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